Nathalie Matusiak

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Dysregulation of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity can lead to a wide range of disease states such as atherosclerosis, inflammation or cancer. The ability to image MMP activity non-invasively in vivo, by radiolabelled synthetic inhibitors, would allow the characterization of atherosclerotic plaques, inflammatory lesions or tumors. Here we present an(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous clinical studies have shown a correlation between increased matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)/a disintegrin and metalloproteinase (ADAM) activity and poor outcome of cancer. Various MMP inhibitors (MMPIs) have been developed for therapeutic purposes in oncology. In addition, molecular imaging of MMP/ADAM levels in vivo would allow the(More)
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are the main proteolytic enzymes involved in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A radiolabeled MMP inhibitor, [18F]FB-ML5, was prepared, and its in vivo kinetics were tested in a mouse model of pulmonary inflammation. BALB/c mice were exposed for 4 days to cigarette smoke (CS) or air. On the(More)
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