Nathalie Lebrasseur

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We describe a three-compartment rotaxane information ratchet in which the macrocycle can be directionally transported in either direction along an achiral (disregarding isotopic labeling) track. Chiral DMAP-based catalysts promote a benzoylation reaction that ratchets the displacement of the macrocycle, transporting it predominantly to a particular end(More)
Molecular machines are among the most complex of all functional molecules and lie at the heart of nearly every biological process. A number of synthetic small-molecule machines have been developed, including molecular muscles, synthesizers, pumps, walkers, transporters and light-driven and electrically driven rotary motors. However, although biological(More)
Direct C-H functionalization has emerged over the past few years as an attractive strategy to enhance molecular complexity.1 However, in spite of major advances in this field, the important aryl-aryl bond formation is still almost exclusively carried out by traditional cross-coupling reactions, which require a differential prefunctionalization of both aryl(More)
Direct arylations of pyridines are challenging transformations due to the high Lewis basicity of the sp2-nitrogen. The use of carboxylates as directing groups is reported, facilitating the Pd-catalyzed C-H arylation of this difficult class of substrates. This methodology allows regioselective C3/C4 arylation, without the need to use solvent quantities of(More)
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