Nathalie Lalande

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Hearing difficulties among noise-exposed workers were investigated by means of an interview. A group of 61 workers from a metal product plant had their hearing tested; 66% had abnormal hearing according to their age. Interviews on hearing problems and on their consequences were conducted at home with the spouses. The interviews were recorded and(More)
A questionnaire of handicap was developed to assess the psychosocial disadvantages attributable to noise-induced hearing loss (temporary or permanent). Sixty-five workers in a metal product plant completed the questionnaire with their nearest relative. A principal-component analysis was applied to the answers. Results show that the disadvantages can be(More)
The reluctance to acknowledge hearing difficulties was studied with two groups of hearing-impaired workers and their spouses. One investigation involved a group interview with workers who participated in a pilot rehabilitation programme and who experienced the disclosure of their hearing difficulties to others by being the subject of a newspaper story on(More)
In the Province of Quebec, the regulated daily noise exposure limit is 90 dBA-8h. This limit value also applies to pregnant women. Experimental studies suggest however, that this standard is not sufficiently stringent to protect the auditory system of the fetus, particularly in cases of low-frequency noise exposure. An exploratory study was undertaken to(More)
Addressing data quality issues in information systems remains a challenging task. Many approaches only tackle this issue at the extract, transform and load steps. Here we define a comprehensive method to gain greater insight into data quality characteristics within data warehouse. Our novel architecture was implemented for an hydroecological case study(More)
Economic development based on industrialization, intensive agriculture expansion and population growth places greater pressure on water resources through increased water abstraction and water quality degradation [40]. River pollution is now a visible issue, with emblematic ecological disasters following industrial accidents such as the pollution of the(More)
Mapping winter vegetation quality coverage is a challenge problem of remote sensing. This is due to the cloud coverage in winter period, leading to use radar rather than optical images. The objective of this paper is to provide a better understanding of the capabilities of radar Sentinel-1 and deep learning concerning about mapping winter vegetation quality(More)
The stream functioning is closely influenced by land uses, along the stream itself and throughout the catchment. Land uses can be seen as both the expression of the natural environment and the result of increasing human activities. Land uses generate various (in kind and intensity) pressures (positive or negative) that alter river water quality at different(More)
Until very recently, aural rehabilitation programs designed specifically for workers with occupational hearing loss were nonexistent in the Province of Quebec. A pilot study has been conducted to test and develop suitable services for these workers and their spouses, and to explore the factors causing them to seek (or on the other hand, avoid) professional(More)