Nathalie Japkowicz

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Support Vector Machines (SVM) have been extensively studied and have shown remarkable success in many applications. However the success of SVM is very limited when it is applied to the problem of learning from imbalanced datasets in which negative instances heavily outnumber the positive instances (e.g. in gene profiling and detecting credit card fraud).(More)
It is often assumed that class imbalances are responsible for significant losses of performance in standard classifiers. The purpose of this paper is to the question whether class imbalances are truly responsible for this degradation or whether it can be explained in some other way. Our experiments suggest that the problem is not directly caused by class(More)
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Anti-virus systems traditionally use signatures to detect malicious executables, but signatures are over-fitted features that are of little use in machine learning. Other more heuristic methods seek to utilize more general features, with some degree of success. In this paper, we present a data mining approach that conducts an exhaustive feature search on a(More)
Re-Sampling methods are commonly used for dealing with the class-imbalance problem. Their advantage over other methods is that they are external and thus, easily transportable. Although such approaches can be very simple to implement, tuning them most effectively is not an easy task. In particular, it is unclear whether oversampling is more effective than(More)
Different evaluation measures assess different characteristics of machine learning algorithms. The empirical evaluation of algorithms and classifiers is a matter of on-going debate between researchers. Although most measures in use today focus on a classifier’s ability to identify classes correctly, we suggest that, in certain cases, other properties, such(More)