Nathalie Helal

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The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) is a combinatorial optimization problem where a fleet of delivery vehicles must service known customer demands from a common depot at a minimum transit cost without exceeding the capacity constraint of each vehicle. In this paper, we present a meta-heuristic approach for solving the CVRP based on simulated(More)
This paper studies a vehicle routing problem, where vehicles have a limited capacity and customer demands are uncertain and represented by belief functions. More specifically, this problem is formalized using a belief function based extension of the chance-constrained programming approach, which is a classical modeling of stochastic mathematical programs.(More)
The capacitated vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands can be modelled using either the chance-constrained approach or the recourse approach. In previous works, we extended the former approach to address the case where uncertainty on customer demands is represented by belief functions, that is where customers have so-called evidential demands. In(More)
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