Nathalie Guitton

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Intramuscular fat content is important for many meat quality parameters. This work is aimed at identifying functional categories of genes associated with natural variation among individuals in intramuscular fat content to help the design of genetic schemes for high marbling potential. Taking advantage of the global nature of transcriptomic and proteomic(More)
High-quality protein extracts are required for proteomic studies, a field that is poorly developed for marine macroalgae. A reliable phenol extraction protocol using Scytosiphon gracilis Kogame and Ectocarpus siliculosus (Dillwyn) Lyngb. (Phaeophyceae) as algal models resulted in high-quality protein extracts. The performance of the new protocol was tested(More)
While germ cell regulation of Sertoli cells has been extensively explored in adult rats in vivo, in contrast, very little is known about germ cell influence on Sertoli cell function at the time when spermatogenesis begins and develops. In the present study various Sertoli cell parameters (number, testicular androgen binding protein (ABP) and testin, serum(More)
BACKGROUND In fish, oocyte post-ovulatory ageing is associated with egg quality decrease. During this period, eggs are held in the body cavity where they bath in a semi-viscous liquid known as coelomic fluid (CF). CF components are suspected to play a role in maintaining oocyte fertility and developmental competence (egg quality). However, CF proteic(More)
The content and distribution of body lipids are of special interest for production efficiency and meat quality in the farm animal industry. Triglycerides represent the most variable fraction of tissue lipids, and are mainly stored in adipocytes. Although several studies have reported regional differences in the expression of genes and their products in(More)
Genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) have recently emerged as possible tools to discover therapeutic targets and biomarkers for new therapies including immunotherapy. It is well known that macroscopically complete surgical excision, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have therapeutic limitations to improve survival in these(More)
The capacity of oocytes to fully support meiotic maturation develops gradually during oocyte growth. Growing oocytes accumulate proteins and mRNAs required for this process. However, little is known about the identity of these factors. We performed a differential proteomic screen comparing the proteomes of growing stage-IV oocytes, which do not undergo(More)
The alkaline comet assay was used to study the genomic instability of lymphocytes derived from untreated sporadic breast cancer patients (50 cases), and also following their in vitro irradiation up to 5 Gy. We compared the results (mean tail moment (MTM)) with a control population of 25 patients and with breast cancer patients who had been 'cured' of their(More)
The molecular mechanisms underlying normal and pathological spermatogenesis remain poorly understood. We compared protein concentrations in different germ cell types to identify those proteins specifically or preferentially expressed at each stage of rat spermatogenesis. Crude cytosolic protein extracts and reversed-phase HPLC prefractionated cytosolic(More)