Nathalie Gontard

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Water sorption isotherms and effective moisture diffusivities were determined at 20 8C for sponge cakes at high water activity as a function of their initial porosity, in the range 86 and 52% (0 g/g dry basis fat content), and of their fat content, ranging between 0 and 0.30 g/g dry basis (67% initial porosity). The equilibrium moisture values were not(More)
Polymers can be classified as synthetic polymers and natural polymers, and are often characterized by their most typical functions namely their high mechanical resistivity, electrical conductivity and dielectric properties. This bibliography report consists in: (i) Defining the origins of the dielectric properties of natural polymers by reviewing proteins.(More)
The innovative use of gelatin as a temperature sensor based on capacitance was studied at a temperature range normally used for meat cooking (20-80 °C). Interdigital electrodes coated by gelatin solution and two sensors of different thicknesses (38 and 125 µm) were studied between 300 MHz and 900 MHz. At 38 µm, the capacitance was adequately measured, but(More)
This data article contains values of oxygen and carbon dioxide solubility and diffusivity measured in various model and real food products. These data are stored in a public repository structured by ontology. These data can be retrieved through the @Web tool, a user-friendly interface to capitalise and query data. The @Web tool is accessible online at(More)
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