Nathalie Gagey

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We have implemented a noninvasive optical method for the fast control of protein activity in a live zebrafish embryo. It relies on releasing a protein fused to a modified estrogen receptor ligand binding domain from its complex with cytoplasmic chaperones, upon the local photoactivation of a nonendogenous caged inducer. Molecular dynamics simulations were(More)
DNA methylation is involved in the regulation of gene expression and plays an important role in normal developmental processes and diseases, such as cancer. DNA methyltransferases are the enzymes responsible for DNA methylation on the position 5 of cytidine in a CpG context. In order to identify and characterize novel inhibitors of these enzymes, we(More)
We implemented a noninvasive optical method for the fast control of Cre recombinase in single cells of a live zebrafish embryo. Optical uncaging of the caged precursor of a nonendogeneous steroid by one- or two-photon illumination was used to restore Cre activity of the CreER(T2) fusion protein in specific target cells. This method labels single cells(More)
This paper evaluates the o-hydroxycinnamic platform for designing efficient caging groups with fluorescence reporting upon one- and two-photon excitation. The model cinnamates are easily prepared in one step by coupling commercial or readily available synthons. They exhibit a large one-photon absorption that can be tuned in the near-UV range. Uncaging after(More)
This paper evaluates a series of photolabile protecting groups with built-in fluorescence reporting. They rely on readily available o-acetoxyphenyl methyloxazolones as activated precursors. Alcohol substrates are easily caged. The resulting photoactivable esters exhibit large one- and two-photon uncaging cross sections. The alcohol substrates are(More)
Cells constantly adjust the concentrations of their components in response to interactions with the environment. Therefore, influencing cell biology requires versatile tools to deliver a variety of chemicals. Apart from passive permeation, microinjection has been the most widely used delivery method. However, its spatial resolution is poor unless injection(More)
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