Nathalie Dassylva

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Amphibian populations are decreasing globally and the causes are presently unclear. Retinoids have been extensively studied in other vertebrate classes where they are associated with pleiotropic effects such as susceptibility to disease (including cancer and parasitic infections), deformities and reproduction. To investigate the hypothesis that retinoid(More)
Air and precipitation samples were collected and analyzed for 91 pesticides or metabolites from May to September 2004 at St. Damase, an agricultural site located in Yamaska basin in Québec, Canada. A broad range of pesticides was detected during this experiment where 40 different compounds were measured. Most of the samples showed more than 10 simultaneous(More)
Agricultural pesticides often have been cited as a factor affecting indigenous amphibian populations, but possible effects of pesticides and other factors associated with agricultural practices are understood poorly. Adult bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) were collected within the Yamaska River basin (Quebec, Canada) in subwatersheds representing low, medium,(More)
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