Nathalie Chetcuti-Sperandio

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Reasoning about credential-based systems such as SDSI, SPKI is one of today’s security challenges. The representation and reasoning problem for this (simple) public key infrastructure is challenging: we need to represent permissions, naming and identities of agents and complex naming constructions (Blackburn’s office-mate is M4M’s PC-Chair’s Colleague),(More)
In this paper we propose the first steps for building a Vietnamese water puppetry ontology. The creation of the puppetry ontology would allow not only a more informed and productive professional training, but also the capability of preserving and promoting water puppetry. Gathering water puppetry expert knowledge requires a deep study of puppetry history,(More)
Penalty Logic is a natural and commonsense Knowledge Representation technique to deal with potentially inconsistent beliefs. Penalty Logic allows some kind of compensation between different pieces of information. But one of the main and less studied flaws of Penalty Logic is the influence of the choice of weights on inference: the same pieces of information(More)
This paper deals with a nondeterministic dice-based game: Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck (Pickomino). This game is based on dice rolling and on the stop or roll principle. To decide between going on rolling or stopping a player has to estimate his chances of improving his score and of losing. To do so he takes into account the previous dice rolls and evaluates the(More)
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