Nathalie Chaignaud

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Document indexation is an essential task achieved by archivists or automatic indexing tools. To retrieve relevant documents to a query, keywords describing this document have to be carefully chosen. Archivists have to find out the right topic of a document before starting to extract the keywords. For an archivist indexing specialized documents, experience(More)
We are interested in understanding and simulating how humans elaborate plans in situations where knowledge is incomplete and how they interact to obtain missing information. Our human interaction model is based on the speech act theory to model the utterances and it uses timed automata to describe the dynamics of the dialogs. Our human planning model is(More)
This paper presents an indexing support system that suggests for librarians a set of topics and keywords relevant to a pedagogical document. Our method of document indexing uses the Wikipedia category network as a conceptual taxonomy. A directed acyclic graph is built for each document by mapping terms (one or more words) to a concept in the Wikipedia(More)
This article presents the Cogni-CISMeF project, which aims at improving the health information search engine CISMeF, by including a conversational agent that interacts with the user in natural language. To study the cognitive processes involved during information search, a bottom-up methodology was adopted. An experiment has been set up to obtain human(More)
This article deals with a human model of interaction based on a psychological experiment. It uses the speech act theory to model the utterances and a discourse model, represented by timed automata, to describe the dynamics of human conversations. The utterance level and the discourse level are linked by a semantics of the performatives.