Nathalie Bonafé

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Class V myosins are multifunctional molecular motors implicated in vesicular traffic, RNA transport, and mechanochemical coupling of the actin and microtubule-based cytoskeletons. To assess the function of the single myosin V gene in Drosophila (MyoV), we have characterized both deletion and truncation alleles. Mutant animals exhibit no detectable defects(More)
The immune response against viral infection relies on the early production of cytokines that induce an antiviral state and trigger the activation of immune cells. This response is initiated by the recognition of virus-associated molecular patterns such as dsRNA, a viral replication intermediate recognized by TLR3 and certain RNA helicases. Infection with(More)
Recent studies have revealed unconventional myosin V to be an important actin-based molecular motor involved in vesicular movement. In this paper we report the molecular characterization of the Drosophila myosin V, identified by reverse genetics. The gene encodes a 1792-residue, 207 kDa heavy chain polypeptide which possesses a typical head or motor domain(More)
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