Nathalie Bijnens

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Most challenging in the development of DNA sensors is the ability to distinguish between fully complementary target ssDNA (single-strand DNA) and 1-mismatch ssDNA. To deal with this problem, we performed impedance spectroscopy on DNA-functionalized nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) layers during hybridization and denaturation. In both reactions, a difference in(More)
A new method has been developed to measure local pressure waveforms in large arteries by using ultrasound. The method is based on a simultaneous estimation of distension waveforms and velocity profiles from a single noninvasive perpendicular ultrasound B-mode measurement. Velocity vectors were measured by applying a cross-correlation based technique to(More)
Despite the availability of multiple ultrasound approaches to left ventricular (LV) flow characterization in two dimensions, this technique remains in its childhood and further developments seem warranted. This article describes a new methodology for tracking the 2-D LV flow field based on ultrasound data. Hereto, a standard speckle tracking algorithm was(More)
The feasibility of a capacitive field-effect EDIS (electrolyte-diamond-insulator-semiconductor) platform for multi-parameter sensing is demonstrated by realising EDIS sensors with an O-terminated nanocrystalline-diamond (NCD) film as transducer material for the detection of pH and penicillin concentration as well as for the label-free electrical monitoring(More)
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