Nathalie Berho

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Spiralin is the most abundant protein at the surface of the plant pathogenic mollicute Spiroplasma citri and hence might play a role in the interactions of the spiroplasma with its host plant and/or its insect vector. To study spiralin function, mutants were produced by inactivating the spiralin gene through homologous recombination. A spiralin-green(More)
The insect-transmissible strain GII-3 of Spiroplasma citri contains plasmids pSci1-6, five of which (pSci1-5) encode adhesin-like proteins and one (pSci6) encodes protein P32, which has been associated with insect transmissibility. In contrast, S. citri strains ASP-1 and 44, which cannot be transmitted via injection into the leafhopper vector Circulifer(More)
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