Nathalie Béguin

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The androgen concentration in birds' eggs varies with laying order, breeding conditions, and mate attractiveness. In passerine birds, mate attractiveness depends upon song quality. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of one criterion used by females to assess male song quality that is to say the presence of sexually attractive phrases on yolk(More)
We studied copulation solicitation display (CSD) responses to playback in photostimulated female canaries given systemic injections of progesterone. Eight females received injections of 0.1 mg of progesterone dissolved in olive oil during their first breeding cycle and were untreated during their second breeding cycle; eight females received only the oil(More)
We used fadrozole, a potent inhibitor of the aromatization of androgens to estrogens, to investigate the influence of estradiol on copulation solicitation displays (CSD) and reproductive activity in female canaries (Serinus canaria). Systemic injections of fadrozole during 10 consecutive days were effective in reducing plasma estradiol concentrations in(More)
The challenge hypothesis predicts that plasma testosterone (T) concentration is high when male-male competitions are high and decreases when males are engaged in paternal care. In monogamous species, T concentration increases at the beginning of the breeding period and decreases after egg laying. According to the challenge hypothesis, increasing competition(More)
Divorce and remating in birds can be described as strategies used to enhance reproductive success. Mate switching often occurs because pairs failed to brood at least one chick during the previous breeding season. In the present study, we evaluated the influence of reproductive success on female preferences in domesticated canaries (Serinus canaria). For(More)
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