Nathalíe Galeano

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Virtual Breeding Environments (VBEs) are long-term strategic alliances of organisations aimed at offering the conditions to support the rapid and fluid configuration of Virtual Organisations (VOs). VBE reference models play a guiding role to conceptualise a set of business processes to enhance the responsiveness and flexibility of networks to react to a(More)
Virtual Organisation Breeding Environments (VBEs) represent an emerging valued added strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to respond in a competitive way to changing market conditions, through the integration of their capabilities in the configuration of Virtual Organizations. The creation of sustainable VBEs is a challenge that requires new(More)
This paper proposes the concept of the Virtual Enterprise Broker as an innovative model to design and create Build to Order supply chains. The Build to Order supply chain responds to the demands of new global manufacturing economy offering high level of customization, high customer driven design, volume flexibility, short cycle time, none inventory costs,(More)
Larvae of tetraphyllidean cestodes have been recorded in several species of marine teleosts. However, little is known on parasite-host interactions. In view of this, the present study aims at i) determining the localization sites of a larval type, belonging to the Scolex group, in the digestive tract mucose; ii) describing the anatomo-pathological features(More)
Virtual Breeding Environments (VBEs) represent networks of disperse organisations, that will exploit specific collaboration opportunities through the creation of Virtual Organisations (VOs) supported by information and communication technologies (ICTs). This type of Collaborative Networked Organisation (CNO) should be able to generate different types of(More)
Value systems are strategic management tools aimed at supporting the definition and assessment of organisational strategies towards successful value creation processes. Value systems aim to identify the value generation objects available in an organisation to respond to business opportunities and innovate in order to remain competitive in the market. Also,(More)
Designing and managing an effective corporate governance structure for Virtual Breeding Environments (VBEs) is a challenging process. Therefore, a governance model is required to define operational rules, bylaws and principles that will govern the behaviour of the members of a VBE during its life cycle. VBE governance will help to define who can make what(More)