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At roughly kT energy dissipation per operation, the thermodynamic energy efficiency “limits” of Moore's Law were unimaginably far off in the 1960s. However, current computers operate at only 100-10,000 times this limit, forming an argument that historical rates of efficiency scaling must soon slow. This paper reviews the justification for the(More)
The usage of the cloud computing services is increasing rapidly across all the domains, thereby inducing the cloud service providers to increase their underlying cloud resource capacity. If service providers keep on increasing the capacity, it may not be an optimal utilization of resources. Since one of the main characteristics of cloud is optimal(More)
Provenance is a metadata that describes where and why an object came to be in its present state. There are many security issues in the applications that uses provenance. Major factor is that the application data and the provenance does not share the same access control. Cloud Computing allows the users to host, develop and use the application through the(More)
Software metrics play a key role in the planning and in the control of software development projects. The Estimation of Coupling helps in the development of quality Software Products as well as in the maintenance. They reason out the structural complexity of software and to envisage the quality of the Software Product. Quality attributes such as(More)
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