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The welfare state and risk perceptions: the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic and public concern in 70 countries
ABSTRACT The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic causes heightened risk perceptions, in particular related to health, mortality and economic security. In 'normal' times, these are risks covered by socialExpand
A Clash of Civilizations? Preferences for Religious Political Leaders in 86 Nations
Huntington claimed that today’s major conflicts are most likely to erupt between religiously defined “civilizations,” in particular between Christianity and Islam. Using World Values Surveys from 86Expand
Immigrant presence, group boundaries, and support for the welfare state in Western European societies
The intersection of group dynamics and socioeconomic status theories is applied as a framework for the puzzling relationship of immigration and support for the welfare state in Western Europe. GroupExpand
The (Non)Politics of Emergency Political Intervention: The Racial Geography of Urban Crisis Management in Michigan
The following mixed method study investigates Michigan’s system of fiscal emergency management, which disproportionately impacts African Americans. According to conventional explanations, theExpand
Secondary observer effects: idiosyncratic errors in small-N secondary data analysis
In this paper, I extend the concept of observer effect into the realm of country-level secondary data analysis. When analyzing what appear to be the same secondary data using the same methods,Expand
Immigration and the welfare state: A cross-regional analysis of European welfare attitudes
A growing body of research connects diversity to anti-welfare attitudes and lower levels of social welfare expenditure, yet most evidence comes from analyses of US states or comparisons of the UnitedExpand
Positive returns and equilibrium : simultaneous feedback between public opinion and social policy
This paper attempts to theoretically define and empirically model what scholars have long argued: that public opinion and social policy are part of a reciprocally causal feedback loop. The theory andExpand
The Missing Main Effect of Welfare State Regimes: A Replication of 'Social Policy Responsiveness in Developed Democracies' by Brooks and Manza
This article reports the results of a replication of Brooks and Manza’s “Social Policy Responsiveness in Developed Democracies” published in 2006 in the American Sociological Review. The articleExpand
Simultaneous Feedback Models with Macro-Comparative Cross-Sectional Data
The certain conditions that make simultaneous feedback models possible if not desirable using such data are discussed, which allows the researcher to test if a simultaneous feedback theory fits survey data, test competing hypotheses and engage in macro-comparisons. Expand