Natasha Turner

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Hamlet: Has this fellow no feelings of his business, that he sings at grave-making? Horatio: Custom hath made it in him a property of easiness. (Hamlet Act V, scene i) Hamlet is appalled by the gravedigger's insensitivity towards death and corpses. Horatio explains that the gravedigger is so accustomed to such things that he no longer shares Hamlet's(More)
Pay for performance (P4P) is a payment approach used in healthcare that is based on clinical information-driven reform. The fundamental concept of this method is to tie payment to how well providers comply to practice standards. This article will analyze those concepts including the essential building blocks, models, and selected programs of P4Ps, as well(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies have suggested improved outcomes for cancer patients managed in private centres, despite universal healthcare within Australia. AIMS To compare patient, disease, treatment and survival data for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) managed in private versus public centres. METHODS Analysis of prospectively collected registry data(More)
The Krypton in "Man of Steel" is like no other we've seen before. Drawing on organic shapes for inspiration, Weta Digital brought the strictly non-linear, non-symmetrical cities, ships, and landscapes to life. Weta Digital also developed the visualization technology used in the ship communications system and the history of Krypton. The system utilizes(More)
The fantastical creatures and epic lands of Middle-earth are a stunning showcase for the creativity and innovation that has become the standard for Weta Digital. See how some of the most memorable moments of the film came together: the gloriously disgusting Goblin King, the rebuilding of Gollum from the inside out, Trolls, Eagles, Azog, breathtaking(More)
Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes engage Killian and his mercenaries in a fiery aerial encounter aided by 32 new suits designed specifically for "Iron Man 3". Weta Digital built a fully CG seaport environment and carefully choreographed the background fighting to amplify the tension and the impact of this final showdown. Developing a realistic Extremis effect,(More)
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