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Characterizing the molecular mechanisms underlying the heritability of complex behavioral traits such as human anxiety remains a challenging endeavor for behavioral neuroscience. Copy-number variation (CNV) in the general transcription factor gene, GTF2I, located in the 7q11.23 chromosomal region that is hemideleted in Williams syndrome and duplicated in(More)
Pay for performance (P4P) is a payment approach used in healthcare that is based on clinical information-driven reform. The fundamental concept of this method is to tie payment to how well providers comply to practice standards. This article will analyze those concepts including the essential building blocks, models, and selected programs of P4Ps, as well(More)
Poor risk management within firms was the result of deregulation and the Big Bang of 1986. Without a regulator and in order to achieve financial growth, firms inadequately managed their risk. The 2007 financial crisis was a wake up call to the UK highlighting that companies could not carry on in this manner. The financial crisis resulted in the FSA assuming(More)
Responsible for the entire third act battle, Weta Digital's work focused on the build and subsequent destruction of the interior of Planet Ego, a complex structural environment based on Mandelbulb fractal. Over 50% of Weta's shots required fx work including the creation of Ego's human form that surrounds his celestial framework - achieved using a clever(More)
Over the course of the "Planet of the Apes" trilogy, Weta Digital has improved the art of translating performances of actors into emotionally believable, photorealistic apes. "War for the Planet of the Apes" features action packed battle sequences and incredibly detailed full and CG extended environments featuring many levels of natural and man-made(More)
Luc Besson's "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" is set in 'a universe without boundaries' and this aptly describes the diversity of creatures and worlds that Weta Digital was tasked with bringing to life. From the range of different environments to the array of creatures that inhabit them, Weta Digital developed some of Valerian's most iconic(More)
The fantastical creatures and epic lands of Middle-earth are a stunning showcase for the creativity and innovation that has become the standard for Weta Digital. See how some of the most memorable moments of the film came together: the gloriously disgusting Goblin King, the rebuilding of Gollum from the inside out, Trolls, Eagles, Azog, breathtaking(More)
Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes engage Killian and his mercenaries in a fiery aerial encounter aided by 32 new suits designed specifically for "Iron Man 3". Weta Digital built a fully CG seaport environment and carefully choreographed the background fighting to amplify the tension and the impact of this final showdown. Developing a realistic Extremis effect,(More)