Natasha Santos

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A refined genetic map of the spinocerebellar ataxia 2 locus was constructed through linkage and haplotype analysis of 11 large pedigrees from the Holguín SCA2 family collective. Three-point analysis makes a localization of the SCA2 mutation in the 6-cM interval D12S84-D12S79 likely. This is consistent with haplotype results indicating a crossover event(More)
Three large pedigrees of German descent with autosomal dominant "pure" familial spastic paraplegia (FSP) were characterized clinically and genetically. Haplotype and linkage analyses, with microsatellites covering the FSP region on chromosome 14q (locus FSP1), were performed. In pedigree W, we found a haplotype that cosegregates with the disease and(More)
Six ferrocenecarboxylates with phenyl, 4-(1H-pyrrol-1-yl)phenyl, 4-fluorophenyl, 4-chlorophenyl, 4-bromophenyl, 4-iodophenyl as pendant groups were synthesized and fully characterized by spectroscopic, electrochemical and X-ray diffraction methods. The anti-proliferative activity of these complexes were investigated in hormone dependent MCF-7 breast cancer(More)
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