Natasha O'Hagan

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We present the crystal structure of the catalytic domain of Mos1 transposase, a member of the Tc1/mariner family of transposases. The structure comprises an RNase H-like core, bringing together an aspartic acid triad to form the active site, capped by N- and C-terminal alpha-helices. We have solved structures with either one Mg2+ or two Mn2+ ions in the(More)
The aim of this study was to develop an Egg Hatch Assay (EHA) test for the detection of triclabendazole (TCBZ) resistance in Fasciola hepatica. A number of fluke isolates were used, of differing sensitivity to TCBZ. Eggs were exposed to solutions of triclabendazole sulphoxide (TCBZ.SO) for 14 days, then triggered to hatch. Egg development was divided into 6(More)
We have developed high-throughput microtitre plate-based assays for DNA gyrase and other DNA topoisomerases. These assays exploit the fact that negatively supercoiled plasmids form intermolecular triplexes more efficiently than when they are relaxed. Two assays are presented, one using capture of a plasmid containing a single triplex-forming sequence by an(More)
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