Natasha Mitter

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Numerous studies have been published on the psychosis prodrome and have explored a wide array of its many aspects. However, the set of risk factors identified by these various efforts is not homogenous across studies. This could be due to unique population factors or relatively small sample sizes. Only few studies were conducted on Asian populations, whose(More)
UNLABELLED Schizophrenia and psychoses are debilitating disorders often leading to serious functional impairments. Early detection efforts have shifted focus to the prodromal phase and the emphasis is now on individuals at risk of developing psychosis. AIM The Longitudinal Youth-At-Risk Study (LYRIKS) seeks to elucidate the biological markers of(More)
UNLABELLED High rates of suicide have been reported in psychotic disorders, particularly in the early phases. Studies examining suicide risk during the first episode of psychosis (FEP) are lacking, especially in the Asian context. The present study aims to investigate the prevalence of completed suicides and associated risk factors in a multi-ethnic Asian(More)
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