Natasha MacBean

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College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China, Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, IPSL, CNRS/UPMC, Paris 75005, France, Key Laboratory of Alpine Ecology and Biodiversity, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Center for Excellence in Tibetan Earth Scicence, CAS, Beijing 100085, China, Laboratoire des Sciences du(More)
The maximum photosynthetic carboxylation rate (Vcmax ) is an influential plant trait that has multiple scaling hypotheses, which is a source of uncertainty in predictive understanding of global gross primary production (GPP). Four trait-scaling hypotheses (plant functional type, nutrient limitation, environmental filtering, and plant plasticity) with nine(More)
A time-series of MODIS Terra daily 500m resolution surface reflectance data is investigated to examine the effect of current land management activity taking place on an upland peat site in North Wales. A catchment-scale controlled experiment has been set up to monitor the effect blocking of the artificial drainage channels (‘grips’) has on the ecosystem(More)
Light and water use by vegetation at the ecosystem level, are key components for understanding the carbon and water cycles particularly in regions with high climate variability and dry climates such as Africa. The objective of this study is to examine recent trends over the last 30 years in Light Use Efficiency (LUE) and inherent Water Use OPEN ACCESS(More)
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