Natasha L Brooks

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Pit1 null (Snell dwarf) and Proph1 null (Ames dwarf) mutant mice lack GH, PRL and TSH. Snell and Ames dwarf mice also exhibit reduced IGF-I, resistance to cancer and a longer lifespan than control mice. Endogenous glucose production during fasting is reduced in Snell dwarf mice compared to fasting control mice. In view of cancer cell dependence on glucose(More)
N-Glycosylation is a cotranslational and post-translational process of proteins that may influence protein folding, maturation, stability, trafficking, and consequently cell surface expression of functional channels. Here we have characterized two consensus N-glycosylation sequences of a voltage-gated K+ channel (Kv3.1). Glycosylation of Kv3.1 protein from(More)
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