Natasha Gupta

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While laptops and other Internet accessible technologies facilitate student learning in the classroom, they also increase opportunities for interruptions from off-task social networking sites such as Facebook (FB). A small number of correlational studies have suggested that FB has a detrimental effect on learning performance , however; these studies had(More)
The software realization of today's distributed systems often require combining of heterogeneous software components, each offering a specialized service. This heterogeneity necessitates a paradigm for the interoperation of different components. Various models and approaches have been proposed to facilitate a smooth interoperation. Web Services and UniFrame(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty, a validated measure of physiologic reserve, predicts adverse health outcomes among adults with end-stage renal disease. Frailty typically is not measured clinically; instead, a surrogate-perceived frailty-is used to inform clinical decision-making. Because correlations between perceived and measured frailty remain unknown, the aim of(More)
BACKGROUND Disparities in access to kidney transplantation (KT) remain inadequately understood and addressed. Detailed descriptions of patient attitudes may provide insight into mechanisms of disparity. The aims of this study were to explore perceptions of dialysis and KT among African American adults undergoing hemodialysis, with particular attention to(More)
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