Natasha Gambhir

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Morphological variations like additional roots and root canals in human deciduous dentition are rare. Knowledge of the morphology, variation of root and root canals of deciduous teeth are useful for successful endodontic treatment and exodontia. Presented here is a case report of the supernumerary roots and additional root canals of deciduous mandibular(More)
Dermatoglyphics is known to be one of the best available diagnostic tools in genetic disorders. Dermatoglyphics refers to the study of epidermal ridges on the finger & palmer region 1 of the hand and sole. The finger prints are unique characteristic features of an individual and remain unchanged over lifetime. The dermatoglyphics patterns, have the same(More)
An accurate diagnosis of the morphology of the root canal system is a prerequisite for successful root canal treatment.1 Frequently, root canals are left untreated because the clinicians fail to identify their presence, particularly in teeth that have an anatomical variations or additional root canals.2 Supernumerary root is a developmental condition and(More)
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