Natasha Dejdumrong

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A new approach to Thai font type recognition that is presented in this paper is based on linear interpolation analysis of the character contour. The algorithm can perform effectively and classify font type obviously. The same font type show high similarity coefficient which is 83.95 but the different font types is below 35.54.
Typically, the shape preserving property for a parametric curve can be verified by checking for the total positivity of the collocation matrix or finding the existence of corner cutting algorithm as presented in [8]. However, there are several cases that although the curve is satisfied the shape preserving property, the shape of the curve does not preserve(More)
This research is a study of handwriting Thai characters for computer use. This paper covers the creation of an online handwriting recognition system by using our proposed method. Our study shows the character sampling number is 10 significant points. The characters will be compared with a standard and personal database which contains predefined character(More)
This research is a study of structure and method in handwriting Thai characters for conversion and computer use. This paper covers the creation of an online handwriting recognition system through the use of linear interpolation approach. The character sampling is done with 10 significant points for the vector creations of angles and rotation directions. The(More)
There are several methods used to construct curves in CAGD, e.g., the de Casteljau's algorithm, Wang algorithm, Said-Ball algorithm. However, they are represented in the forms that are not suitable for performing geometric modeling. A proposed approach for evaluating Said-Ball and Wang-Ball curves by using monomial form was introduced by Aphirukmatakun and(More)