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We investigated the effect of gradual-elastic compression stockings (GCSs) on running economy (RE), kinematics, and performance in endurance runners. Sixteen endurance trained athletes (age: 34.73 ± 6.27 years; VO2max: 62.83 ± 9.03 ml·kg(-1)·min(-1); 38 minutes in 10 km; 1 hour 24 minutes in half marathon) performed in random order 4 bouts of 6 minutes at a(More)
BACKGROUND The peaking period for endurance competition is characterized for a relative increase of the intensity of training, after a longer period of training relatively dominated by lower intensity and higher volume. OBJECTIVES The present study was designed to compare physiological and 10 km performance effects of high intensity training (HIT) versus(More)
  • N Carr
  • 1987
Swallowed bones impacting in the anus are a recognized cause of acute anal pain."2 Curiously, however, there has been only one previously published report of this.3 Case report A 35-year-old man presented with acute, severe anal pain following a bowel action. His stool had been slightly loose but there had been no rectal bleeding. He was otherwise quite(More)
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