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Getting Pushed Back Further in Line? Racial Alienation and Southern Black Attitudes toward Immigration and Immigrants
© American Political Science Association, 2016 PS • April 2016 221
National Identity after a Conflict: National Identity Choice among Northern Irish Youth
This work uses multinomial logistic regression to explore how Northern Irish youth view their national identity and the factors that shape their self-identification post-1998 Good Friday Agreement.
Fighting for Our Cause: The Impact of Women's NGOs on Gender Policy Adoption in Four Former Soviet Republics
This work explores how womens nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have contributed to the policy-making process in former Soviet republics. This work uses logistic regression to explore how womens
“Telling our stories”: Print media interpretations of Moscow lesbians' life stories in 2004 and 2005
Analysis of print media representations of female same-sex sexuality in a period of economic prosperity, popular culture visibility, and before restrictive laws were passed that suppress homosexuality adds to the previous literature on lesbianism in Russia.
Gendering Civil Society: The State of Women’s NGOs in the Former Soviet Region
Civil society is “a web of autonomous associations, independent of the state, which bound citizens together in matters of common concern, and by their mere existence or action could have an effect on