Natasha Beeton-Kempen

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The cancer-testis antigens are a group of unrelated proteins aberrantly expressed in various cancers in adult somatic tissues. This aberrant expression can trigger spontaneous immune responses, a phenomenon exploited for the development of disease markers and therapeutic vaccines. However, expression levels often vary amongst patients presenting the same(More)
In this work, a model for the interaction between CYP2B4 and the FMN domain of rat P450-oxidoreductase is built using as template the structure of a bacterial redox complex. Amino acid residues identified in the literature as cytochrome P450 (CYP)-redox partner interfacial residues map to the interface in our model. Our model supports the view that the(More)
Systematic analysis of protein and enzyme function typically requires scale-up of protein expression and purification prior to assay development; this can often be limiting. Miniaturization of assays provides an alternative approach, but simple, generic methods are in short supply. Here we show how custom microarrays can be adapted to this purpose. We(More)
The co-immobilization of enzymes on target surfaces facilitates the development of self-contained, multi-enzyme biocatalytic platforms. This generally entails the co-immobilization of an enzyme with catalytic value in combination with another enzyme that performs a complementary function, such as the recycling of a critical cofactor. In this study, we(More)
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