Natash Ali Mian

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In Pakistan, millions of people have access to internet and now it has become essential part of their lives. It is now a driving force for innovation of all industries. After arrival of wireless service providers, internet users are growing rapidly. On the other hand, internet is still just a source of information sharing and social interaction. Its role in(More)
Database systems are considered as an integral part of any software system, therefore, all complex systems maintain a database in different formats. Relational database management systems are based on relational model for creation and storage of databases. Database reverse engineering (DBRE) is a process of extracting the database requirements from an(More)
Database reverse engineering (DBRE) is a process of extracting requirements from a running system. The process is carried to understand the system having least design and architecture documentation. DBRE is very beneficial when we are expanding our systems or shifting to a newer technology. Since its start, reverse engineering has given hard time to(More)
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