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Effects of age and heart failure on human cardiac stem cell function.
Currently, it is unknown whether defects in stem cell growth and differentiation contribute to myocardial aging and chronic heart failure (CHF), and whether a compartment of functional human cardiacExpand
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The Redox Function of APE1 Is Involved in the Differentiation Process of Stem Cells toward a Neuronal Cell Fate
Low-to-moderate levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) govern different steps of neurogenesis via molecular pathways that have been decrypted only partially. Although it has been postulated thatExpand
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Role of Tumor Associated Fibroblasts in Human Liver Regeneration, Cirrhosis, and Cancer
Tumor associated fibroblasts (TAFs) are considered a microenvironmental element critical for tumor growth and progression. Experimental studies suggest that their origin could be from mesenchymalExpand
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In Vivo Tracking of Murine Adipose Tissue-Derived Multipotent Adult Stem Cells and Ex Vivo Cross-Validation
Stem cells are characterized by the ability to renew themselves and to differentiate into specialized cell types, while stem cell therapy is believed to treat a number of different human diseasesExpand
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Pharmacologic Inhibition of Cardiac Stem Cell Senescence
Mammalian aging may be viewed as a reduction in the capacity to adequately maintain tissue homeostasis or to repair tissues after injury(Sharpless and DePinho, 2007). When homeostatic controlExpand
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Abstract 2113: Age and Pathology Impair Cardiac Stem Cells
Cardiac stem cells (CSCs), expressing Oct-4, NANOG and Sox-2, displayed, in vitro, extensive growth capacity, telomerase activity, clonogenicity and wide multipotency. Aims: to verify if age andExpand
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