Natasa Tepic

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The purpose of this study was to find out whether a set of habitat characteristics, derived from the National Corine Land Cover (CLC) database of habitat types, could indicate the occurrence of white stork nests in a settlement. The analyses were performed for the settlements closer than 35 km from the Drava River (northern Croatia). Sixteen habitat(More)
Large-scale mucilage events in the northern Adriatic have become more frequent during the last few decades. Since carbohydrates (CHO) comprise one of the major constituents of the Adriatic mucilage, studying their seasonal and spatial patterns is one of the key prerequisites for the understanding of this phenomenon. This paper reports on the distribution of(More)
Landfilling is probably, the most popular disposal method for the management of domestic and industrial waste. Unfortunately, many landfills around the world do not include leachate collection systems and present a considerable risk to the underlying aquifers. There have been numerous reports on groundwater contamination in the vicinity of unprotected(More)
Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is an essential component of the biogeochemical marine system, effecting biological and chemical reactions that take place in the sea. DOC represents a dynamic component of the global carbon cycle. This paper reports 25years of measurements of DOC content and distribution at seven stations along the transect Po River delta -(More)
A multivariate statistical analysis was applied to the measured physico-chemical parameters to estimate anthropogenic and natural influences to water system of the Krka River. Analysis was conducted on the data from eight sampling sites collected during four sampling events. On the basis of data obtained by the biplot, four main hypotheses were defined and(More)
Seasonal and spatial distributions of dissolved (DTCHO) and particulate carbohydrates (PTCHO) were investigated in the highly stratified estuary of the Krka River over a period of one year. The observed longitudinal and vertical and concentration profiles indicate that the strongest accumulation of DTCHO occurs in the surface layer of during summer,(More)
The distribution of the dissolved and the particulate carbohydrates in the River Zrmanja estuary was investigated for the first time. Investigations were performed at five stations during a four-year period. In order to reflect stratified character of the estuary sampling was performed at different depths. For that reason, depth was treated as a covariance(More)
Cluster analysis was used to create segments of high school graduates based on their motivations/opinions regarding their future education. Data for this study were collected using a questionnaire distributed to high school graduates following State Matura exam. The students were asked to evaluate the importance of 13 different reasons/causes for choosing(More)
A systematic investigation of non-phosphorus containing glycolipids (GL) was conducted in the northern Adriatic Sea during two years at two stations with different nutrient loads. GL concentration varied both spatially and temporally, with values of 1.1-21.5 μg/L and 0.4-44.7 μg/L in the particulate and the dissolved fraction, respectively. The highest(More)