Natasa Glisovic

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Abstract. Clustering is most often used method for noticing data groupings. With an increase of a number of sets for testing there came the development of numerous techniques which are based on different criteria and prior knowledge on the corpus. This work presents the summary of elementary fuzzy partition clustering techniques and their application in(More)
The market structure has been adjusted in order to be as simple as possible in sense of its economic components. The aim of the investment return prediction is constructing as good models of the market movement as possible. As for as the stock market is concerned, the price rise of some stocks indicate the good results of the management of that company,(More)
The weight of a DNA profile match is determined using statistical methodology. A typical DNA case involves the comparison of two samples - an unknown or evidence sample, such as semen from a rape, and a known or reference sample, such as a blood sample from a suspect. Therefore it is essential to have some idea as to the probability that a match would occur(More)
Modern organizations and companies exist in time of progressiveness in almost all segments of life and work influenced by large, rapid and dynamic changes. In such conditions, business world is enforced to adapt to these changes. Character of resulting changes is such that leads to question the existing social theories, especially in the macroeconomic(More)
The financial market is complex, evolving and dynamic system, which has an extremely non-linear movement. Thus, investment return prediction represents a significant challenge, especially because of its great diversity, unsteadiness and unstructured data with a high degree of instability and pronounced hidden connections. It is known that accurate(More)
There are many different reasons people want to have a paternity test. Sometimes alleged fathers are told many years later that a previous relationship resulted in the birth of a child, and they want to make sure they are actually the biological father. Some men might suspect their wives or girlfriends of infidelity and are concerned their child may not be(More)