Natasa Brajkovska

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T he concept of non-monolithic file systems is not new. “File forks” were an integral part of the original Macintosh Hierarchical File System. Apple separated file information into data and resource forks, where the resource fork contains a resource map followed by the resources, or links to resources, needed to use the data. Typical resources would include(More)
A novel asynchronous collaborative visualization system for the chemical sciences has been created as a mash-up between an interactive visualization program and a wiki. The system supports features such as annotation, information foraging, and visualization session playback. Building the system from predefined disparate components was a simple process. Yet,(More)
We present an optimal embedding of a honeycomb network (honeycomb mesh and honeycomb torus) of size n into a hypercube with expansion ratio of | « 1.33 when n is a power of two. When n is not a power of two, the expansion is ^ « 5.33, which we conjecture to be near optimal. For a honeycomb mesh, the dilation of the embedding is 1. For a honeycomb torus, the(More)
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