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Motif finders are an important tool for searching for regulatory elements in DNA. Popular existing programs optimize the entropy score to efficiently search for motifs. While E-values are commonly used for assigning significance to the optimal reported motifs they are not directly optimized for. This raises the question whether optimizing for E-values(More)
In this paper for existing concurrent structure independent fault detection schemes with new technique for the fault detection of sub bytes and inverse sub bytes using the relation between the input and output of the S-box, the formulation of mix column are implemented for AES, which results in the reduction of area coverage and power consumption along with(More)
In this paper, the development of a 3-axis motion simulator is described. The simulator is used to test and calibrate certain spacecraft instruments within a hardware-in-the-loop environment. A mathematical electromechanical model of the simulator is developed. Moreover, a novel robust adaptive nonlinear control law for the simulator is developed based on(More)
  • Corresponding Author, M Sadish Sendil, M Sadish Sendil, N Nagarajan
  • 2009
Problem statement: In the recent years, peer to peer networks have rapidly developed in the distributed and decentralized world of internet. Current research indicated that P2P applications were responsible for a substantial part of Internet traffic. Number of users embracing new P2P technology is also increasing fast. It is therefore important to(More)
The development of automotive electronics and software systems is often associated with high costs due to their multi-domain nature (including control engineering, electronics, hydraulics, mechanics, etc). The involvement of these different disciplines makes it difficult for control engineers to test their controllers with them being integrated in the whole(More)
Headphones have become an unavoidable device in this advanced world due to its fast advancements like active noise cancellation, comfortable design and user friendliness. But many people are making the common mistake of increasing their headphone volume beyond medical permissive levels in an attempt to get better sound or to limit out external noise. It is(More)
the performance metrics obtained for different filter orders for both the architectures and the results reveal that both the designs have yielded significant improvement in speed. The most fundamental part used in many digital signal processing (DSP) applications is a finite impulse response filter because of its linear phase, stability and regular(More)
— Two different relay modes are defined in IEEE 802.16j WIMAX standard: transparent mode and non-transparent mode. The non transparent mode is used to extend the coverage area of base stations, where low cost relay station of equal capacity as that of base station is placed at suitable position. Time taken to accept mobile stations and Bandwidth allocation(More)
The deviations in the injection orbital parameters, resulting from launcher dispersions, need to be corrected through a set of acquisition maneuvers to achieve the desired nominal parameters. When multiple satellites are injected into a single orbital plane, as a part of constellation establishment, they have to positioned in the plane with appropriate(More)
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