Natarajan Nagarajan

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In this paper, the development of a 3-axis motion simulator is described. The simulator is used to test and calibrate certain spacecraft instruments within a hardware-in-the-loop environment. A mathematical electromechanical model of the simulator is developed. Moreover, a novel robust adaptive nonlinear control law for the simulator is developed based on(More)
Most of the MANET protocols are evaluated by simulation environments. The validation is meaningful when they use realistic mobility models. Once the nodes have been initially distributed, the mobility model dictates the movement of the nodes within the network. If this movement is unrealistic, the simulation results obtained may not correctly reflect the(More)
The deviations in the injection orbital parameters, resulting from launcher dispersions, need to be corrected through a set of acquisition maneuvers to achieve the desired nominal parameters. When multiple satellites are injected into a single orbital plane, as a part of constellation establishment, they have to positioned in the plane with appropriate(More)
The development of automotive electronics and software systems is often associated with high costs due to their multi-domain nature (including control engineering, electronics, hydraulics, mechanics, etc). The involvement of these different disciplines makes it difficult for control engineers to test their controllers with them being integrated in the whole(More)
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