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The growing cost of tuning and managing computer systems is leading to out-sourcing of commercial services to hosting centers. These centers provision thousands of dense servers within a relatively small real-estate in order to host the applications/services of different customers who may have been assured by a service-level agreement (SLA). Power(More)
We consider a fluid model of a system that handles multiple classes of traffic. The delay and cell-loss requirements of the different classes of traffic are generally widely different and are achieved by assigning different buffers for different classes, and serving them in a strict priority order. We use results from the effective bandwidth of the output(More)
Synthesizing I/O requests that can accurately capture workload behavior is extremely valuable for the design, implementation and optimization of disk subsystems. This paper presents a synthetic workload generator for TPC-H, an important decision-support commercial workload, by completely characterizing the arrival and access patterns of its queries. We(More)
The noncentrosomal cortical microtubules (CMTs) of plant cells self-organize into a parallel three-dimensional (3D) array that is oriented transverse to the cell elongation axis in wild-type plants and is oblique in some of the mutants that show twisted growth. To study the mechanisms of CMT array organization, we developed a 3D computer simulation model(More)
In this paper, we consider a queue whose service speed changes according to an external environment that is governed by a Markov process. It is possible that the server changes its service speed many times while serving a customer. We derive first and second moments of the service time of customers in system using first step analysis to obtain an insight on(More)
—We consider wireless networks in which multiple paths are available between each source and destination. We allow each source to split traffic among all of its available paths, and ask the question: how do we attain the lowest possible number of transmissions to support a given traffic matrix? Traffic bound in opposite directions over two wireless hops can(More)
In this paper, we model a multi-agent system (MAS) in military logistics based on the systemic specifications of the capabilities and attributes of individual agents (TechSpecs). Assuring the survivability of the MAS that implements distributed planning and execution is a significant design-time and run-time challenge. Dynamic battlefield stresses in(More)
Scheduling in large-scale parallel systems has been and continues to be an important and challenging research problem. Several key factors, including the increasing use of off-the-shelf clusters of workstations to build such parallel systems, have resulted in the emergence of a new class of scheduling strategies, broadly referred to as dynamic coscheduling.(More)
It has been well established that wireless network coding can significantly improve the efficiency of multihop wireless networks. However, in a stochastic environment, some of the packets might not have coding pairs, which limits the number of available coding opportunities. In this context, an important decision is whether to delay packet transmission in(More)