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In a prospective study, 105 infants aged 3-12 months with acute otitis media were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups: amoxycillin/clavulanate ('Augmentin') alone (36 patients), myringotomy plus placebo (35 patients), or augmentin plus myringotomy (34 patients). The last two groups were double-blinded. Bacterial pathogens, mainly Haemophilus(More)
INTRODUCTION Radiation necrosis (RN) and pseudoprogression are known as postradiation treatment effects and may simulate tumor progression. The disease course of glioblastoma patients who had developed RN and the impact of resecting RN on survival have not been evaluated. This study examines the clinical course of patients considered candidates for repeat(More)
Fetal movements (FM) may be spontaneous, originating in the fetus itself, or evoked, caused by external stimuli. The FM in 21 normal twin pregnancies at 10 and 21 weeks of gestation were studied. The percentage rate of evoked FM which occur simultaneously in both twins was 4.96% of all observed FM. The rate of the spontaneous FM which occur independently in(More)
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