Natalya Volkova

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1. Depolarizing responses appear with the shortest latent period after stimulation of the receptors in the direction of the minor transverse axis of the nerve ending, while primary hyperpolarization is observed only when a mechanical stimulus is applied along the major transverse axis of the nerve ending. 2. Comparison of the experimental and theoretical(More)
After transplantation of a cutaneous nerve of the hind limb into the mesentery of the small intestine in cats (after preliminary removal of the Pacinian corpuscles from the mesentery), new encapsulated mechanoreceptors were observed to appear against the background of rapid regeneration of the fibers of the grafted nerve. Various stages of development of(More)
The central distribution of the anterior lateral line nerve (ramus) (NLLa) were studied in the pygmean sheat-fish (Ictalurus nebulosus) by means of the method of Nauta--Gygax. NLLa, as well as posterior lateral line nerve (NLLp), projects topographically on the nucleus medialis of the acoustic-lateral area. Within the nucleus medialis NLLa can be traces in(More)
The peripheral and central portions of the catfish lateral line system were investigated by conventional light microscopical and electrophysiological methods. N. lat. post. X supplying the neuromasts and the small pit organs of the fish body consists of myelinated nerve fibres with the axonal diameters between 2 and 9 mum. The nerve also contains a number(More)
The character and distribution of evoked potentials in the midbrain during electrical stimulation of the lateral line nerves were investigated in acute experiments on the ray (Raja clavata). The clearest response was observed on the contralateral side of the dorsal surface. The evoked potentials consisted of several components. The initial high-frequency(More)