Natalya V. Kalinina

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It was demonstrated for the first time that the level of carotenogenesis by the heterothallic Blakeslea trispora strains intensively forming zygospores decreased under conditions of a surface cocultivation during their sexual interaction as compared with the strains grown separately. On the contrary, carotenogenesis was stimulated during a sexual(More)
How does the spatial dynamics of the socialist city compare with that of the market city? What happens to a city when all investment decisions are made without land markets? What are the outcomes when the forces described by familiar urban models aren’t allowed to work? This paper describes the structure of Russian cities after seventy years of Soviet(More)
In this paper we describe the preparation of hybrid plasmid consisting of ColE1 DNA and DNA of R6K plasmid. ColE1 plasmid represents a circular DNA with the molecular weight of 4,2-10(6) daltons. It determines colicine synthesis E1, has relaxed control of replication and is present in the cell in several dozens copies. Transmissive plasmid B6K represents a(More)
Dwelling and public buildings underwent comprehensive hygienic studies for fungal contamination. Human allergization associated with fungal contamination within the building envelopes and with the viable fungal spores in the air of enclosed spaces was found to be prevalent. The leading factors determining the extent to which the internal environment of(More)