Natalya Fish

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OBJECTIVE To formulate consensus treatment plans (CTPs) for induction therapy of newly diagnosed proliferative lupus nephritis (LN) in juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). METHODS A structured consensus formation process was employed by the members of the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance after considering the existing medical(More)
Commercial feed rations containing sulfamethazine at the level of 110 ppm were fed for a period of 65 days to market pigs in a study simulating normal farm practices. The levels of sulfamethazine at the end of medication were in excess of 10 ppm in liver and kidney and up to 2.6 ppm in muscle tissues. Concentrations of sulfamethazine in tissues from pigs(More)
Bull semen is commonly contaminated with mycoplasmas. To determine the source of contamination, semen and the genital tracts of 45 artificial insemination bulls were cultured for these organisms. The results indicate that mycoplasmas colonize the prepuce and the distal part of the urethra. Only rarely were they found in the ampullae or seminal vesicles. In(More)
Salmonella typhimurium was isolated from nine of 60 wild sparrows trapped in the Guelph area. While this organism was isolated from birds trapped at several different locations, the highest prevalence was in sparrows trapped in close proximity to an animal clinic. The significance of these findings in relation to human and animal salmonellosis is discussed.