Natalya Fedotova

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Reputation evaluation and trust management techniques are successfully used in the peer-to-peer (P2P) environment due to its notable similarity to the human community. These techniques present a quite efficient solution to cope with some types of malicious activity in P2P networks. Recently, a great number of P2P platforms use distributed Hash table (DHT)(More)
Security problems in P2P environment become more complicated with the growing number of P2P networks and applications. Hence, it is very important to find reliable mechanisms of detection and elimination of various threats, attack sources, and malicious nodes. In this paper we consider how it is possible to apply some classical solutions for Byzantine(More)
Centralized organization of current enterprise networks doesnpsilat represent an ideal solution in terms of information security and reliability. Denial of service, packet filtering and low resistance to failure are frequent shortcomings of centralized systems. To avoid the above problems we introduce a distributed P2P data organization system to the(More)
The problem of electromagnetic wave scattering at a junction of two circular waveguides, where one of them contains an axially symmetrical layered longitudinally non-uniform dielectric transition of finite length is considered. A numerical algorithm is developed for solution of the problem on the basis of the hybrid projective method including projective(More)