Natalya Cherepanova

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MicroRNAs regulate gene expression in diverse physiological scenarios. Their role in the control of morphogen related signaling pathways has been less studied, particularly in the context of embryonic Central Nervous System (CNS) development. Here, we uncover a role for microRNAs in limiting the spatiotemporal range of morphogen expression and function.(More)
The data of electron microscopy study of morphological variation of E. coli, strain 423 in the logarithmic phase after exposure to ampicillin (2 gamma/ml) and cephalexin (4 gamma/ml) are presented. Pronounced ultrastructural changes not only in the cell wall but also in the cytoplasm were found. After exposure to ampicillin alone changes of the same type(More)
The present study included a total of 66 children at the age from 11 to 16 years with obesity and metabolic syndrome. The latter condition in the childhood and adolescence is characterized by the pronounced disturbances of basal metabolism, vasoactive systems, psychoemotional status, and regulatory hormonal functions that determine the choice of(More)
A total of 120 children at the age of 10-15 years presenting with class I-II obesity were available for observation. Fifty two of them suffered diffuse non-toxic goiter. The combination of obesity and diffuse non-toxic goiter was associated with excessive body weight, insulin resistance, disturbances of lipid metabolism, and impaired tolerance of physical(More)
BACKGROUND Most international studies on epidemiology of transient loss of consciousness (TLC) were performed many years ago. There are no data about the lifetime prevalence of TLC in Russia. OBJECTIVE To identify the lifetime prevalence and presumed mechanisms of TLC in an urban Russian population. METHODS 1796 individuals (540 males [30.1%] and 1256(More)
The objective of the study was to evaluate results of non-medicamental treatment of 167 children with obesity taking into account dynamics of annual rhythms of their clinical, hormonal, metabolic, and psychological characteristics. The period from August till November was shown to be especially favourable in terms of body weight loss, improvement of(More)
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