Nataly Yu. Ilyasova

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A class features generating algorithm using discriminant analysis approaches is offered to improve the performance of an eye disease diagnostic computer system. A method to evaluate the informativeness of a set of features is described. The support vector machine is used in the research to prove the efficiency of using the features in classification of(More)
In this paper, we give a review of existing systems for computer analysis of geometrical characteristics of blood vessel diagnostic images. We present a “OphthalmOffice” system for analysis of diagnostic images of eye fundus vessels and a “CardiOffice” system for analysis of coronary vessels. We also present comparative characteristics of their computing(More)
The paper offers a mathematical model for imaging blood vessels. The model relies on division of blood-vessel geometric characteristics into local parameters, which are calculated directly in the process of vessel tracing, and integral (global) features, which are used later for forming classification features. Methods and algorithms to evaluate geometric(More)
The methods and algorithms for evaluating geometrical parameters of 2D and 3D tree structures are represented. Main areas of applying methods are biomedical problems connected with analyzing and measuring features of vascular system, i.e., a retina (a 2D structure) and a cardiovascular system (3D structure)). An experimental investigation has been carried(More)
This paper presents an X-ray image simulation method for images generated by the interaction of low-energy (photon energy is much less than 1 MeV) X-ray radiation with materials. The method makes it possible to calculate the image of an arbitrarily specified object based on the description of its internal structure. Design formulas, a description of the(More)
The application of the direction field method and the statistical textural analysis for crystallograms classification is proposed. As global features, the features the expert uses for the crystallogram-based classification of the eye pathology were taken: unidirectedness of the crystal rays, relative area of crystal domains with clear-cut rays, ray density,(More)
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