Nataly Kravchenko

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The thermostability and thermodinamics of formation of the enzyme-substrate complex of two oxidation products of chicken egg lysozyme with the tryptophane-62 residue modified to N'-formylkinurenine (with 2.5% activity) and kinurenine (with 27.5% activity) have been studied. In thermostability and pH effect on the substrate binding the lysozyme oxidation(More)
A functional completeness of summing amplifier with saturation in a multi-valued logic of an arbitrary value proven in previous works gives a theoretical background for analog implementation of fuzzy devices. Practical design techniques for multi-valued analog fuzzy controllers still have to be developed. Compared with the traditional approach, analog CMOS(More)
The literature data concerning structure of cyclo-oxigenase-1--the key enzyme in prostaglandin biosynthesis and the main target of anti-platelet therapy with the use of acetylsalicilic acid are presented in the review. The data on cyclooxigenase-1 gene polymorphism, distribution of the revealed variants in various populations and their possible correlation(More)
The nature of the optical density of suspensions of Staph. aureus and M. luteus cells at various concentrations of chicken egg albumin lysozyme and two products of its chemical transformation was studied comparatively. The experiments were performed in 1/15 M Na-phosphate buffer at pH 6.2 and a temperature of 20-22 degrees C. It was shown that the decrease(More)
In the article there are presented the results of calculations of a number of emissions of pollutants from motor vehicles in two districts of the city of Irkutsk. It was revealed that with the change in the structure and intensity of road traffic flows on highways of the city, there is altered the composition and quantity of pollutant emissions, tropic to(More)