Natalja Vogt

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Electronic structure theory reveals that π-electron delocalization increases with the chain length in polyenes. To analyze quantitatively this effect a semiexperimental equilibrium structure has been determined for trans-hexatriene by the mixed estimation method. For this fit rotational constants for a number of carbon and hydrogen isotopologues as well as(More)
The equilibrium molecular structure and conformation of 1,5-diazabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane (DABH) has been studied by the gas-phase electron-diffraction method at 20 degrees C and quantum-chemical calculations. Three possible conformations of DABH were considered: boat, chair, and twist. According to the experimental and theoretical results, DABH exists(More)
Molecular geometry of 9H-adenine tautomer was calculated by MP2 method using several basis sets (up to cc-pVQZ). According to the results of all quantum-chemical calculations, the molecule has an essentially planar heavy-atom skeleton and a quasi-planar amino group. Since the bond lengths of adenine are of similar magnitude, the structural problem could not(More)
Thymine is one of the nucleobases which forms the nucleic acid (NA) base pair with adenine in DNA. The study of molecular structure and dynamics of nucleobases can help to understand and explain some processes in biological systems and therefore it is of interest. Because the scattered intensities on the C, N, and O atoms as well as some bond lengths in(More)
Over the years the MOGADOC database, which covers the literature for gas-phase electron diffraction, microwave spectroscopy, and molecular radio astronomy from the inception of each method, has been developed. Recently visualization and substructure retrieval tools have been implemented. New features are described by means of typical database applications.
The MOGADOC database (Molecular Gas-Phase Documentation) has grown up to 11,500 inorganic, organic, and organometallic compounds, which were studied in the gas-phase mainly by microwave spectroscopy, radio astronomy, and electron diffraction. The database contains about 9,000 numerical datasets with internuclear distances, bond angles and dihedral angles.(More)
Fructose and deoxyribose (24 and 19 atoms, respectively) are too large for determining accurate equilibrium structures, either by high-level ab initio methods or by experiments alone. We show in this work that the semiexperimental (SE) mixed estimation (ME) method offers a valuable alternative for equilibrium structure determinations in moderate-sized(More)
For the first time, the molecular structure of 3-aminophthalonitrile with unique electronic properties has been determined by the gas electron diffraction (GED) method supported by a mass spectrometric analysis of the gas phase. Moreover, it has been optimized at the high-level quantum-chemical coupled-cluster theory, CCSD(T), in conjunction with the(More)
The numerical-analytic implementation of the operator version of the canonical Van Vleck second-order vibrational perturbation theory (CVPT2) is employed for a purely ab initio prediction and interpretation of the infrared (IR) and Raman anharmonic spectra of a medium-size molecule of the diketo tautomer of uracil (2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione), which has(More)
An experimental-computational methodology combining rotational data, high-level ab initio calculations and predicate least-squares fitting is applied to the axial-equatorial isomerism and semiexperimental equilibrium structure determination of fluorocyclohexane. New supersonic-jet microwave measurements of the rotational spectra of the two molecular(More)