Nataliya V. Zaimenko

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The effect of the application of nanoparticles of analcite to soil (at 0, 500, 1000 and 1500 mg L-1) on drought resistance of wheat and corn seedlings was studied in pot experiments. The dependence of the analcite effect on soil moisture level and type was also evaluated. For this, three levels of soil moisture were modeled: 20%, 40% and 60% field capacity.(More)
We studied specific effects of different doses of natural minerals--analcime (An) and trepel (Tr)--on the growth rate, selenium (Se) content and functional activity of the genome of wheat leaves measured by the RNA/DNA ratio. Our results show that under the influence of An and Tr, especially at low doses (25 mg/100 g sand), there is a significant increase(More)
When studying the effect of two month clinostating on the phytohormonal system of orchids with different types of shoot system branching and different shoot morphology, it was determined that, as a result of simulated microgravitation, endogenous growth regulators changed less in the species with sympodial branching than in species with monopodial branching(More)
A clinostat was used to study the metabolic processes of three types of orchids (Oncidium sphacelatum Lindl., Cattleya hybrida hort., and Zygopetalum mackaii Hook.) to determine genetic mechanisms of plant adaptation to microgravity. Metabolic aspects studied were the activity of oxidoreductive ferments in leaves (ascorbinoxidase, peroxidase,(More)
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