Nataliya Shcherbakova

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We study minimal surfaces in generic sub-Riemannian manifolds with sub-Riemannian structures of co-rank one. These surfaces can be defined as the critical points of the so-called horizontal area functional associated to the canonical horizontal area form. We derive the intrinsic equation in the general case and then consider in greater detail 2-dimensional(More)
Inductive modelling tools are widely used for solving problems of analysing economical, ecological, and other processes. Development of business intelligence systems based on inductive modelling algorithms for analysis, modelling, forecasting, classification, and clustering of complex processes is very promising. When solving real tasks of model(More)
The effect of biotinylation of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) on the yield and repertoire of peptides selected by biopanning is discussed in the present study. A comparative analysis of peptides selected from a phage library using the biotinylated and nonbiotinylated MAb 2F5 was performed. The yield of the peptides homologous to the native epitope was(More)
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