Nataliya Osipova

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The paper summarizes the results of 10 years' experience in using the biocompatible antioxidant ceruloplasmin in cancer patients to prevent and treat life-threatening complications in critical states caused by various complications after extensive surgical interventions for malignant tumors or massive intraoperative blood loss. Hemorrhagic shock-complicated(More)
A procedure has been developed and tested to prevent and treat postoperative pain syndrome during extensive thoracoabdominal surgery for esophageal cancer. The procedure is based on the preventive (12 hours before anesthesia and surgery) application of Durogesic (fentanyl transdermal therapeutic system (TTS)) at an opioid release rate of 50 microg/h for 72(More)
Ceruloplasmin and laprote based on natural protein antioxidants were used in the treatment and prevention of postoperative complications in 174 patients after extensive interventions for cancer. Development of pyoseptic complications during the postoperative period is associated with activation of lipid peroxidation, decreased functional activity of the(More)
The philosophy of full-value antinociceptive protection of patients during and after surgical interventions is discussed. The author presents her viewpoint on the problem with due consideration for recent published reports. She advocates a prophylactic approach to attaining the antinociceptive protection (the so-called "preemptive analgesia"). Analgesics of(More)